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Passive Components & Laser Works Inc, headquartered in Becker, MN, puts our customers’ needs and goals first. We offer superior services to ensure that you receive the highest quality so that you can confidently accomplish the jobs you take on.

Accredited Nadcap ™


“Passive Components & Laser Works Inc is always willing to go the extra step to ensure customer satisfaction. They are an excellent team.”

Scott Hayward
Quality Manager
Fridley, MN

“Passive Components & Laser Works Inc offers quick turnaround times, pick-up, and delivery of our products that require special handling WITHOUT DAMAGE. All this, and they are NADCAP approved!”

Kevin Corpe

“Passive Components & Laser Works Inc has always put quality, OTIF, and customer service as their number-one priority.”

Harold Kluge
Quality Manager

“I can always count on the team at Passive Components & Laser Works Inc for high-quality work, best prices, and the quickest turnaround in the industry. In an industry that often omits customer service, Passive is by far the best supplier to deal with. They are always on time and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that jobs arrive on time.”

Steve Krick

“Passive continually performs under tight deadlines and overly engineered requirements. When I pick up the phone or email a purchase order, I know their team is ready to deliver. Rain or shine, and even if I need them to get it done in 60 minutes and then drive it to meet a courier, Passive Components always gets it done!”

Brandy Scobee

“Working with Passive Components & Laser Works Inc has helped us greatly in our efforts to continually fulfill our customer’s needs. The quality of their work has been excellent, and they have proven time and time again that they are willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to meet tight delivery schedules. They are a valuable partner, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a first-class plating facility.”

Brad Harwood

“Working with Jeff and his employees at Passive Components & Laser Works Inc is easy because you know their passion about quality
is genuine.”

Tony Barthel | Sourcing Manager

“Passive Components & Laser Works Inc has excellent quality. Their turnaround is amazingly fast. If there is a problem, they handle it quickly and correct their process to avoid it on future runs. If you have questions or a job needs special attention, they listen and work with you. I would recommend them to anyone.”


Buffalo, MN

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Passive Components & Laser Works Inc

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